Authorization for Distance Learning

UNC Greensboro is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA) which allows us to provide distance learning programs (both online and in the form of supervised field experiences) and coursework to residents of states other than North Carolina.

Professional Licensure and Certification Disclosure

If you are a student or prospective student interested in an educational program that may lead to professional licensure or a certification, please be aware that as of July 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education requires that all higher education institutions advise students as to whether their curriculum provides them with the eligibility to apply for a professional license and/or certification in the state for which they plan to practice. 

UNC Greensboro programs that lead to a professional license or certificate are intended to prepare a student for potential licensure or certification in North Carolina. UNC Greensboro programs meet the relevant academic requirements for the licensure or certification board/agencies in North Carolina. However, they may or may not meet the educational requirements for a licensure or certification in another state.

If you are planning to seek a professional license or certification outside North Carolina, it is important for you to know the specific requirements of the state in which you intend to apply for licensure or certification.

Please review UNC Greensboro’s status by state for your intended program. Within your program’s professional licensure disclosures, locate the column that reads “status by state”. Then, note whether the program either “meets”, “does not meet”, or if there “has not been a determination” of the program’s educational requirements as it relates to UNC Greensboro’s curriculum, in the state for which you plan to practice. If you are unclear about UNC Greensboro’s determination, need additional information, or want to know more about the state’s requirements, you should email or call your program’s contact  with any questions.

Additional information regarding specific state requirements can also be found with the applicable licensing entity in that state.

Additional Licensing and Certificate Program Support

We highly recommend that students enrolled in licensure or certificate programs contact officials within the specific academic program for assistance with professional licensure questions. These program directors can also provide you with enrollment options prior to beginning an academic program. Additional help can also be obtained by contacting UNC Greensboro’s State Authorization Compliance Office.

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